Thursday, October 8, 2015

GALILEO, public libraries join to provide Mango Languages

GALILEO, the state's virtual library,
and Georgia Public Library Service
now offer residents free access to
Mango Languages suite of language-
learning resources through
their local public libraries.

Mango, can be accessed anywhere
with an Internet connection,
currently offers 63 foreign-language
courses for English speakers, as well
as 17 English-as-a-second-language
courses. All are taught completely in
the users native language, with each
lesson combining real-life situations
and audio from native speakers with
simple, clear instructions. The courses
are presented with an appreciation
for cultural nuance and real-world
application by focusing on the four
key elements of language learning:
vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar
and culture.

"Providing language learning
tools is just one of the many ways
that public libraries serve their local
communities," said Wendy Cornelisen,
assistant state librarian for
library innovation and collaboration.

For years, the local library has
been a go-to source for travel guides
and trip planners. Now that GALILEO
has added Mango, public libraries in
Georgia have even more of the
resources travelers need to prepare
for visits to other countries. "Being
able to say even just a few words in
the local language helps make travel
easier and more enjoyable,"
Cornelisen said, noting that Mango
will also help many Georgians better
speak the languages of commerce.

"According to the U.S. Census
Bureau, Georgia companies exported
nearly $39.4 billion in goods and
services to 211 countries and
territories in 2014," she explained.
"Companies in Georgia benefit from
employees who know more than one
language and are able to better
bridge cultures. Along with its
language-learning resources, Mango
also provides valuable cultural
insights that can help residents forge
new partnerships here and abroad.

"In addition, most students
applying to college need to take two
years of the same foreign language.
Since Mango is available around the
clock from any Internet-connected
device, students with a Georgia
library card will have new ways to
practice and improve skills in their
chosen language anytime."

To help residents get started,
GALILEO is offering webinars for
Georgia-based users. Details are
online at An
archived "All about Mango" webinar
is also available at

GALILEO, public libraries join to provide Mango Languages